New contract for Damien Dussaut


Standard de Liège and Damien DUSSAUT reached an agreement: the young right-back has signed a new three-year contract with our club.

Formed in Valenciennes, Damien signed his first professional contract in August 2014 at Standard de Liège whilst several big European clubs were interested in him. He was also selected in the top youth team of France at the last tournament of Toulon where his performances were particularly noticed.

Axel LAWAREE : "We are very pleased with the evolution of Damien, who has shown every time he was selected in the first team that we can count on him. His margin of progress is still important and we believe he can progressively become a potential first team player! His exemplary attitude together with his hard work will certainly make it possible for him to reach the goals we set together. "

Standard de Liège congratulates Damien DUSSAUT for his new contract and wishes him the best at our club.